Me and the Food Network

So now that my work schedule has changed and I’m working in the evenings, I have a lot of free time in the day to spend playing video games and watching my favourite tv shows.

It also means that I’m even more wired when I get home in the evening, and lately have been staying up until 4 or 5 in the morning. It’s like insomnia, except I do fall asleep eventually and am out for a good 6-8 hours… I just wake up at noon. And it’s ‘okay’ in my head because I don’t work until 5.

So what has been taking up my time? I found out that Iron Chef America is on at 3am, and Restaurant Makeover is on at 4am. This easily keeps me up until 5.

Luckily I keep myself busy with my blanket making and some other projects I’m planning to work on. 🙂
Also watched this amazing show today called ‘Chef at Home’. Loved how down to earth the host was, and the show was on this amazing veggie burger that looked divine. Also learned how to grow sprouts in a cupboard. I’ll DEFINITELY be doing that in the future. 🙂


My love for yarn

Okay, so this is the first laptop cover I’ve made. I’ve been getting a bit creative with yarn at the moment. A few months ago I began bonding with my mum, and asked her to teach me to crochet. Immediately did I get hooked on hooking. 🙂

A few of my friends have already told me how much they love the cover, and hopefully I can make a few more for a profit. 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m working on a blanket for myself while attempting my hand at a couple more projects. 🙂 The blanket is going well so far, super simple, but it’ll be awesome. I have 2 squares down, 10 more to go. 🙂

Also getting more and more hooked on the Food network. Mm, food. Ha ha.

It’s a full moon baby

I was working half of the evening by myself tonight, as my boss is taking the weekend off to go to South Country Fair. I work tomorrow all by myself, but tonight he gave me some guidelines of what to do and how to make some of the newer menu items I haven’t made yet (like the hamburgers. 🙂 )

So I was just trucking away, doing my own thing. This guy starts talking to me through the window, asking if my boss is here and all. I say ‘no, he at the fair this weekend’, guy says ‘okay.’

Later, guy comes back and he has a pink ROSE in his hand. -_-

In the downtown area this ‘flower lady’ tends to go to all the open bars and tries to sell her flowers. This must have been one of them.

Anyway, so he gives me this flower. And I’m like ‘derp. whut?’

Meanwhile, I’m like in the middle of stuff right? I’m kinda working. I don’t want to be a jerk. So I take the flower and get back to work.

SO weird! I never get flowers. My ex-boyfriend NEVER gave me flowers once and we were together for 3 years. (He said he was the more ‘practical’ gift giver, but I never recieved one of his more ‘practical’ gifts on my birthday or christmas either…)

I’m just very weirded out. And it was creepy. Must be the full moon. Hopefully I don’t see him tomorrow. Ugh.

When I got home I put the flower in a vase and my parents will see it in the morning. It’s my gift to them now. 🙂

From the Beyond

A few months back (I wish I knew when, february maybe?) a new tattoo parlour opened up in my town’s China-block. (It’s literally one street with a few shops in it lol.) My best friend L went to this tattoo parlour and loved it. It’s an all female shop (which tops Jaded as Jaded is a mostly female shop), and this place is very mystical and they give free tarot card readings on tuesday.

Yesterday I finally decided to just GO. It felt like it was really the right time. I’m in such a transition phase, just getting over my breakup, putting off school again, in a total rut at work and in the town I live in, planning to move… I felt like, seeing what the cards told me? It couldn’t hurt.

I have an open mind with practically everything. I have a saying that I’ll ‘try just about anything once.’ So if the cards read something interesting, great; if they didn’t really do anything, well it was free and I could shake it off.

So I met with the owner Barb, and it was awesome. Here is this stranger, and I felt like she already knew me. I stayed pretty quiet (as I’m oh so shy) and didn’t give a lot of information about myself except to confirm that things she had ‘a feeling about’ me were true.

She said she works with different decks for everyone, and I got a mix of her crystal deck (because I love crystals and stones), nature deck (ditto) and faerie/goddess deck, and we got down to business.

It’s so weird because the cards really spoke about how I’ve been feeling lost, unsure of my place in the world, the lul I’ve been having in my life. They said I have a giving, nurturing, calming nature and that people around me take advantage of that and try to suck my spirit from me (which I feel sometimes.)

They spoke of me needing to go on a journey, and it’ll be a positive journey and I should find my purpose in life elsewhere, definitely not where I am. They mentioned how I’m feeling down about love, but that it was a positive act that I got out of that relationship. Which I truly feel.

They said I’m an enviromentalist (which I am), and I need to focus on the creative things in my life.

And all I need to have is a little faith.

So you guys may read this and just see a bunch of mumbo jumbo. But I think it’s fascinating that a few cards that I picked out on a whim… spoke that much about me. I believe in this stuff man. And now I just need to believe in myself.

I know that Josh and I weren’t good for each other. And talking with Barb about that, it made it clear. I told her that being with Josh, when we first got together, it was like dejavu. I knew that I had met him somewhere before, in a past life. I’ve felt like I’ve met him in multiple lives really. And so it was so easy to slip into. And she explained that usually, those people, aren’t always so good for you. Maybe being with those people in past lives, diverted you from your course, maybe they lead to a downward spiral or something, and it’s something you need to beat in order to move on with your higher purpose. Especially when I told her that when Josh and I first got together, I was happy, it was so comfortable and easy, but I felt this buzzing in my head at the beginning, like a warning.

I’m glad that she reaffirmed for me that leaving that relationship was healthy and positive. And the move is going to be healthy and positive. I’m so much more excited to get out of here, even on my own. I found this adorable 1 bedroom apartment in downtown Chinatown Vancouver… and I’m PRAYING that it’ll still be there when I’m more looking for a new home. I wouldn’t be allowed a roommate there… it’s for 1 person only. But it sounds simply adorable and perfect for me. Ha ha.

Self betterment!

So after staying up until 3am drinking at the local pub with some friends, I felt fairly sure that I would NOT be able to wake up at 7am in order to go to the drop-in donation yoga class at 9am.

But I did. I woke up at 7… snoozed until 7:30 and then realized… there is no 8am bus on a saturday morning. UGH. And taking the 8:30 bus would mean I would have aprox 4 minutes to walk 5 city blocks (all of them with traffic lights) in order to get to the yoga studio by 9am.

So I lazed in bed for another half and hour, saying ‘screw it’ to myself. In order for me to get to this yoga class I would have to catch the 7:30 bus and putter about downtown for an HOUR before the class. And I don’t exactly have the funds to buy myself a breakfast.

So it’s just not worth it.

So this just means 3 things:

1. I should just do my best to jog in the mornings and discipline myself to practice yoga at home by myself (it’s not as good as it is with an instructor, because I probably don’t push myself as hard at home…)

2. I need my license. (Starting with my learners license cause I’m really just a huge procrastinator. But if I had a car, I wouldn’t need to rely on shitty bus service.)

And 3. I need to MOVE! I need a city with a much better transit system. I really am a green person. And if only I was in a city with some better transit, I wouldn’t have the issue I had this morning. Oy…

But I did go for a jog. And now I’m relaxing in my cool basement and I’m going to reward myself a bit with some video games. Rest of the plans for today are… cleaning my room and maybe some laundry. Whee!

I drank this amazing martini last night: 2 shots of creme de menthe, 2 shots of creme de cacao. After Eights. It tastes exactly like an After Eight. 🙂


Some pictures of local street art

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Here’s just a few examples of some street art found around downtown. I’m always searching for more.  


As I sit here on my back deck this afternoon, crocheting away at my future laptop cozy/slip/cover, my mind is whirling. I love crocheting because for a fidgeter like me, crocheting is a lot healthier than biting my nails or smoking. Ha ha.

But it also gives me a healthy way to think and put things in perspective.

This blog is so random. I wish it was more organized than it is: a jumbled mess of my scattered thoughts and memories…

I need to work on getting some of my photographs off of my camera and on here. I need to figure out where my life is going.

I watched another movie the other night, ‘I Heart Huckabees’. It was strange. But good, in that strange way. I’m often times enjoying movies that have a strange introspective twist on the world. It wasn’t as good as say ‘Running With Scissors’ in that aspect. But it wasn’t bad. Give it a watch.

I had trouble sleeping again last night, thoughts whirling away. But I think tonight I’ll sleep better. My thoughts have been whirling away during the day, so hopefully by the time midnight rolls around I should be able to sleep soundly.

I just need to fill my life with more projects. Ha ha.